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Elysium Capital Advisory, founded in 2012, is a boutique real estate solution provider and an expert in SME and structured funding.

Subhash Udhwani, founder of Elysium Capital, is an IIMB alumnus and a Fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, and has an experience of 18+ years in corporate sector. Before embarking on his dream start up, he worked for ICICI as Dy CFO – ICICI Europe, and India head – Credit.

The journey of Elysium Capital has been phenomenal. Elysium Capital has closed transactions totaling INR 1800 Cr. These transactions were spread across sectors viz. real estate, hospitality, EPC, infrastructure, trading and manufacturing.

Elysium Capital has covered entire spectrum of structured real estate funding, vanilla construction funding, lease rental discounting (LRD), private equity placement (PE), land acquisition, debentures placement, receivable funding, last mile funding and stressed asset management and business & SME loans.

Elysium Capital has successfully placed non-convertible debentures (NCD) in a short span of time. Elysium Capital has managed to close transactions across various cities in India viz. Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Nashik, Nagpur and Kochi.

Elysium Capital believes in team work, and has different teams for business acquisitions, credit & underwriting and client service. Elysium Capital has Chartered Accountants, MBAs and experts with an average of 10+ years of corporate exposure handling all needs of clients.

Elysium Capital thrives on client engagement and relationship rather than transaction-based relationship, which is clearly demonstrated by its success rate on 'transaction fulfillment', which stands at a whopping 85%, which is more than double of industry average. A repeat business of 100% by its clients shows tremendous faith Elysium Capital commands in its engagements.

Vision – We strive to be the first choice Advisory for companies seeking capital in India.

Mission –  We will provide advisory on clients’ capital management requirements knowledge based deal structuring backed by strong risk analysis.

Values – We thrive to deliver solutions in a time bound manner ensuring transparency with a result-oriented approach.


It’s a vanilla product in the RE market where the object of the funding is to ensure timely completion of the project. Construction funding mitigates the timing mismatch risk of the execution and salability of the project. Funding under this product is available for residential and commercial stock, though, financial institutions (FI) prefer residential proposals. Elysium Capital Advisory's strong association with public and private sector banks, foreign banks, global financial institution and NBFC has helped in achieving financial closures in large construction funding projects.

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This product is available only to a few selected developers. Under this product, the borrower would be able to get some portion of the facility as ‘take out’ which can be utilized as free money available to promoter/management. However, the end usage of ‘take out’ portion will be monitored by appropriate mechanism. The preferred instrument for structured funding is non-convertible debentures.
Other structured debt instruments are senior debt wherein the borrower gets better rate of interest but the lender would have first charge over the borrower’s project. In mezzanine debt, the lender lays equity claim on borrower’s holdings in the event of default either in terms of time or amount. This helps lender get additional security coverage in a volatile market.

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Private Equity can come at entity as well as at a project level. The developer gets free hand and can use the fund for land acquisition/designated purpose. Hence, the developer will have to give away certain stake commensurate the exposure taken by private equity.

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We facilitate clients in identification of land and scrutiny of its title, possession, ownership etc. We also advise the client on market potential and development plan so s to realize the true potential of the land acquired. Further, we negotiate on the behalf of the client for best value and payment terms.

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LRD is particularly beneficial for the builders/developers who make a huge investment in constructing a commercial property for rent/lease purposes. The investments in a way are locked as the returns are realized only in the form of futuristic rentals. Lesser opt for LRD from banks by pledging their future rentals from the property. Banks also ensure that the future rental earnings from the property are secured before offering LRD.

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Funding under this product is available for ready/near completion residential stock. The beauty of this product is that the borrower will get chunk of the money upfront. The borrowers can use the proceeds of the funding for their other ongoing projects as deemed fit. This facility works well as a bridge funding to meet short-term capital requirements.

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Corporate Solutions

Private Equity participation involves commitment of large funds by a group of investors for a longer time horizon to fund new technologies and projects, to bail out a distressed company or in acquisition of market competitors. These funds can be used in purchasing shares of private companies, or in public companies that eventually become delisted from public stock exchanges under go-private deals. Elysium Capital constantly works on sustaining a pool of such investors both private and institutional and connects them to any such investment opportunity in the market.

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Elysium Capital helps you in setting up your business.

Elysium Capital provides advisory services/guidance right from formation, set up, licensing, strategic advisory, funds arrangement from bank & financial advisory till regular accounting and regular tax compliances. Our advisory services:

  1. Company Formation
  2. Firm Formation & Registration
  3. Statutory Approvals & Licenses
  4. Registration Services: VAT, service tax, professional tax enrollment, banking services
  5. Calculations & Return Filing: VAT return, service tax return, professional tax return, TDS return

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Elysium Capital leverages its strong relationship with Financial Institutions in structuring debt for its clients. Debt Syndication comes handy in case of large value debt requirement wherein the risk is divided between various financial institutions. We understand the requirement of the client, conduct internal due diligence, prepare and circulate the Information Memorandum ensuring coordination with all lenders and investors with an objective to achieve consensual terms and conditions.

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Best Services for your business

Real Estate Broking: Elysium Capital specializes in providing residential and commercial property services. Elysium Capital's’ objective is to act as advisors to its clients, assisting them in getting the right residential and commercial properties. Elysium Capital provides the following servcies:

  1. Customized deals for corporate clients
  2. Advisory to overseas investors seeking to invest in real estate
  3. Pre and post-sales services

Home Loans: Elysium Capital has the knowledge and expertise to facilitate its clients with small and large home loans at highly competitive rates. Thriving on its strong relationship with banks and non-banking financial corporations, Elysium Capital processes its clients’ documents at a pace unmatched in the market.

Loan Against Property: Also known as LAP, it is a loan disbursed against the mortgage of a property. The loan is given as a certain percentage of the property's market value, usually around 40 per cent to 60 per cent. Loan against property belongs to the secured loan category where the borrower gives a guarantee by using his property as security.

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Fund Based Facilities

  1. Term loan: Funds required for acquiring fixed assets given as long term loan repaid in installments from the profits of the company.
  2. Cash Credit: Limits assigned to the SMEs, utilized for working capital requirements of the unit. CC limit against inventory is given to finance pre-sales requirements (holding of raw materials, work in progress and finished goods) and CC against debtors or book debt is to finance post sales requirements.
  3. Overdraft Facility: Overdraft limits are given to business entities to meet temporary mismatches in cash flow. These are given against stocks, debtors and residential and commercial collaterals.
  4. Packing Credit: It is a credit facility which is sanctioned to an exporter in the Pre-Shipment stage. Such credit facilitates the exporter to purchase raw materials at competitive rates and manufacture or produce goods according to the requirement of the buyer and organize to have it packed for onward export. It secured by way of Hypothecation of Stock of goods and Debtors and all other current Assets of the business generated during the course of business.
  5. Bill Discounting: In this facility, the financial institution buys the commercial bill before it is due and credits the bill amount at a discount to the customer, wherein the discount is the rate of interest charged by the FI. This enables the customer to encash his accounts receivable.
  6. Lease Rental Discounting (LRD): Term Loan offered against rental receipts from property leased under long term contracts especially to a corporate entity.

Non – Fund Based Facilities

  1. Letter of Credit: A confirmation from the buyer’s bank guaranteeing the payment against the bill raised by the seller subject to fulfillment of all the conditions in the contract letter. The product is particularly helpful in cases wherein the seller does not have full trust over the buyer.
  2. Bank Guarantee: This is an instrument in the form of a promise from the lending institution to make good the payment/loss in case of a default by the customer with reference to the terms of the contract.
  3. Buyer Credit & FX Loans: A credit facility to an importer to pay for goods and services. Through this facility, the buyer gets access to cheaper funds connected to LIBOR rates rather than the costlier local rates. A buyer’s credit facility involves a bank that can extend credit to the importer, as well as an export finance agency based in the exporter's country that guarantees the loan. Since buyer’s credit involves multiple parties and cross-border legalities, it is generally only available for large export orders.
  4. Supplier's Credit: An arrangement where exporter or overseas bank extends credit to the importer for his purchase requirements. This is particularly used in usance bills wherein the exporter gets the credit on sight from the financing institution while the importer makes the payment to the institution at the end of usance period.

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In the last few years, there has been a paradigm shift in the Indian industry pushing many companies into troubled waters. Any debt heading towards an NPA status requires immediate attention. We help the client develop a pragmatic strategic plan towards business recovery through analytical reduction of financial cost and reorganization of operations. This is ensured keeping adequate management control along with a rejuvenated relationship with various stakeholders.

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